Euro Dismantling Services - Case Studies

1st Containers were contracted to work with Euro Dismantling Services on a very large overseas project. EDS conduct many different types of work within the sphere of dismantling, on many occasions it is just a case of demolition, but they contacted 1st Containers specifically for this operation as transportation was also involved.

EDS needed to dismantle a factory in Portugal; the difference between dismantling and demolition is that you can reclaim the assets. In this case the building itself. This factory building, once dismantled needed to be transported and rebuilt in India.

1st Containers were to be the suppliers of containers for the transportation and the logistics team behind the transportation operation. We converted and supplied 130 open top 40ft standard containers for EDS to use for storing and shipment. These containers were the preferred choice after consultation with our engineering experts, due to the different sizes of building materials that needed transporting. Steel beams and sheet metal were too large for a standard enclosed container, and these containers were the perfect solution.

About Euro Dismantling Services

EDS is a world renowned company with decommissioning operations taking place all over the globe.

Established in 1994, they are now a multi-national organisation and one of the most successful demolition and decommissioning contractors in the world. Their speciality is working on high risk sites such as oil refineries, chemical process structures and highly contaminated buildings. The range of services that EDS provides includes dismantling, decontamination, demolition and land remediation. They are also a licensed Asbestos removal contractor.

EDS are known throughout the world and have an excellent reputation within the industry. From demolishing buildings to decommissioning nuclear power stations, Euro Dismantling Services are at the forefront of the business and 1st Containers were very happy to be able to offer their services within the container and shipping industry to them.