Red Cross - Case Studies

With the 1st Containers network of large national companies that we supply to, when a charitable or good cause contacts us, we can often supply what is required at a discount rate. This was the case with The Red Cross. What they required were containers in certain locations on a long-term rental basis. Our internal engineers were required to brand these containers for the purpose of the Red Cross in their specific colours.

1st Containers rental rates are the most competitive, but for the purpose of supplying shipping containers for the Red Cross, we were only too happy to offer a discounted rate for a worthy cause.

The Red Cross required a 5 year rental period for 20ft containers that needed distributing across the UK. Once our engineers had re-branded the containers we were able to deliver and off-load these in the shortest time required. The whole operation was a smooth success, with the Red Cross receiving their containers ready for use, in their own branded colours at their specific locations with the minimum of fuss.

About Red Cross

The Red Cross Society was formed in 1870 and is a registered charity with over 31,000 volunteers and 2,600 staff. It is a wide spectrum of charitable work that is covered by the Red Cross, both here in the UK and abroad. Many activities go unnoticed by the public where the Red Cross initiative is involved. They are often a large presence at speciality events to offer on-site first aid, but they also offer training and education in this same sphere. The Red Cross are a major emergency response support service. In the UK and overseas, they respond to hundreds of emergencies and disaster sites every year. Disasters around the world in recent years where the Red Cross have been on hand as a support service include; Turkey Earthquake, Pakistan Floods, Japan Tsunami and the New Zealand Earthquake. Although best known for their support at large disaster sites, in the UK, the Red Cross also offer support to the vulnerable, which can include the lending of medical equipment and for a care at home service. Along with these and many other services the Red Cross also have a missing persons service, for those that have lost touch with relatives due to worldwide disasters.