Red Lion Films Ltd

The conundrum of finding an unmoveable structure for filming with green screening backdrops is a problem that the big brand Red Lion Film Company approached 1st Containers with.

Working at their Surrey studios on the forthcoming international movie “Jack The Giant Killer”, due for release in 2013, Red Lion Films contacted 1st Containers needing the strongest and sturdiest structures to film many action scenes with the aid of green screening. The company had already established that 1st Containers had supplied the necessary equipment for the same purpose on the blockbuster movie “Captain America”, and once again we were able to supply a very similar service.

1st Containers supplied 240 20ft containers, which needed to be stacked and locked with locking pins, 5 containers high to incorporate the area needed for the film shooting. All of this was done under strict health and safety guidelines. The whole operation was carried out by 1st Containers, which was a huge advantage to Red Lion, as every part was carried out by one central hub. 1st Containers supplied the 240 containers and also organised an onsite crane for the lifting and stacking. We dealt with all of the logistics and with a very fast turnaround were able to remove each and every container quickly and efficiently. This speedy removal was very important as time never seems to stand still when film making is in progress, and by using 1st Containers solely for the job, everything ran smoothly and professionally. Something that may not have happened, if Red Lion Films had opted to use more than one company for different elements of the operation.

About Red Lion Films Ltd

Red Lion Films were established in 2007. A very young company, they have made their way to the forefront of film making in a very short space of time. Their range of credits is phenomenal, and has proved in this mere 5 year period that their expertise can be utilised in any area of production.

Along with their involvement in “Jack The Giant Killer”, Red Lions production portfolio is extremely varied. The companies range goes through commercials, music videos, websites, corporate films, arts events and sponsored film and photographic projects.

It is a meteoric rise that Red Lion Films has achieved in such a short space of time, and the list of top brands that they have work with on production of commercials, videos, film and web content is endless.

Brands include: Disney, Adidas, Ford, Universal, Cadbury, Alfa Romeo, Warner Music, Sony Music, EMI, Volvo, Philips, Virgin Records, Boots, BMW, Land Rover and many more.