Snoozebox - Case Studies

With 2012 being such a momentous year for the whole country, 1st Containers were very excited when Snoozebox contacted us to undertake the contract of supplying the containers needed for one of their events. This was no ordinary event, Snoozebox were supplying a temporary, portable hotel for the Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant at Windsor Castle.

1st Containers supplied containers to Snoozebox for an 80 bedroom hotel. This hotel was to be constructed with the use of 40ft high cube containers, fixed securely together by our expert team of technicians. We were not just supplying standard containers and bolting them together, our onsite team of experienced, professional engineers, first adapted the 40ft high cube containers for the use they were required for. The containers needed to be adapted with doors, windows and all internal facilities that a hotel room is expected to have.

1st Containers needed their entire logistical prowess to see this operation through from beginning to end. Firstly we had to adapt the containers for habitation. Then there was the transportation. We were not only contracted to supply and deliver the containers; we were also responsible for the positioning of the containers at their destination. This destination was within the grounds of Windsor Castle, and with the operation being under the one umbrella of 1st Containers, everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

When complete an 80 bedroom hotel constructed from shipping containers is a very large establishment, but is yet another fabulously innovative way that containers can be used when organised by the professional team at 1st Containers.

Regardless of the size of the fully built hotel, it is a temporary structure, which is perfect for its purpose and can be easily and quickly dismantled in readiness to be transported to another location. With our expert team of engineers and technicians, 1st Containers this whole process, including the erection at a new location can be achieved within 48 hours.

About Snoozebox

Snoozebox is a new innovative company supplying temporary hotel accommodation across the country. Most peoples stay at a hotel is temporary, but with Snoozebox, it is the hotel itself that is temporary. These structures can be built, dismantled transported and re-erected within 48 hours. With all of the luxuries of a modern hotel, Snoozebox have targeted a market where there is huge demand for this type of accommodation. Events that may happen at a location only once a year does not necessarily need a hotel located on its site 365 days per year. Snoozebox can supply exactly what is required for the exact amount of time, and then the hotel is moved to its next location.

Headed by its president, former Formula 1 racing driver, David Coulthard, Snoozebox have seen the need for this type of accommodation, especially within a sector that Mr Coulthard knows all too well. Motor sport is a major area where Snoozebox are operating. They are the perfect solution for circuits to have accommodation onsite when it is needed. They can supply accommodation for any major event from sporting events to music festivals. On a more serious note, their innovative ideas can also be well utilised for disaster and emergency relief needs.

Events that Snoozebox have already aided with their temporary hotels are such occasions as the Diamond Jubilee Pageant at Windsor Castle, and they are to be the preferred accommodators of such forthcoming events as :- 2012 Isle of Man TT, Download Festival, Goodwood Festival of Speed, British Grand Prix, Superbike World Championships, British Superbike Championship and many, many more events throughout 2012.