Vita Ray Productions - Case Study

At 1st Containers we are not adverse to diversifying in our use of shipping containers. In 2011 we were approached by Vita Ray Productions, a well established film company. Our expectations of requirements were for onsite canteens and changing facilities, a area with which we have great experience in with converting our containers.

It so happened that Vita Ray contacted 1st Containers as they needed substantial materials to use for their green screening backdrops. 1st Containers took the assignment on board and with all of our expertise ran a smooth and successful operation.

Vita Ray needed a large amount of containers to cover a wide ranging area for their green screening. We supplied them with 240 20ft containers. In many areas these needed to be stacked 5 high to cover the area needed, and this was all achieved under strict health and safety guidelines. We also organised the delivery and removal of an onsite crane to manage this job, and were also tasked with all of the logistics involved. The big advantage for Vita Ray Productions, was that they kept all of their requirements under the one umbrella of 1st Containers. This way the one logistical central hub always knew what was required and at what stage the process was at. This also worked perfectly with the restraints that film companies have when filming within public areas. They have very strict time restraints as to how long they may film and keep roads and footways closed for their purpose. With 1st Containers managing the whole operation, we were able to synchronise delivery and removal of all containers and equipment in the shortest possible timescale.

About Vita Ray Background

Vita Ray are a UK based film Production Company. In 2011 they were assigned to take on the production of the now blockbusting Captain America movie (The First Avenger). Much of the filming was done on the streets of Manchester, which is where 1st Containers were utilised for the backdrops.

This was a huge international production with Universal Studios and Marvel Films also involved to the fore.

A well respected London production company, the collaboration with Universal and Marvel for the production of Captain America was a real breakthrough for Vita Ray.

It was a great privilege to work with them on this movie, and we hope that we can be of assistance again in the future.