YMCA - Case Study

The YMCA (Young Mans Christian Association) is a worldwide organisation whose aim is to help people throughout the world. When 1st containers were approached to supply a containerisation service, we were only too happy to help.

The YMCA are known throughout the world for helping young people, much of the time through their hostel style facilities, but year on year the amount of people needing help is on the increase, especially within the Greater London areas.

1st Containers were contracted to supply 20ft converted containers for habitation. These would be used on different brown site land to offer temporary accommodation to those in need at a very low rent. For one particular site in Leyton, East London, the 1st Containers in-house engineers needed to convert 20 20ft containers into apartments. All conversions were supplied with electricity, sinks, toilets and fully furnished with beds etc. This was all achieved in minimal timescale due to the fact that 1st Containers were able to carry out all works from supplying the containers, completely converting (including the furniture supply) and transportation and technical setup of the newly adapted 20ft containers.

About YMCA

The YMCA was founded in London, in 1844 and is now a worldwide organisation with more than 45 million members. Their motto is “Empowering young people”. Although the word Christian is the C in their title, the YMCA is open to anybody in need. One of the YMCA’s biggest tasks is helping young people stay off the streets, and every night over 7,000 young people stay at YMCA’s across the UK. They also offer training to try to give young people a fresh start in their lives, along with a support system to young families with children. One area that the YMCA find is a very affective way of helping many is through health and fitness. At many local YMCA’s you will find a gymnasium and swimming pool for all to keep their body and minds active.