Container Conversions

At 1st Containers our team of expert engineers can convert shipping containers for virtually any requirement. Working in conjunction with our clients’ specific design requirements we can create working buildings that are economic, built to the highest standards and will also have the advantage of potentially reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

All processes are carried out in-house by 1st Containers. We have an extensive array of shipping containers and teams of engineers ready to convert them. With no outsourcing at any stage of a contract taken up with us, 1st Containers pride ourselves on meeting deadlines and budgets with every specific conversion contract.

There are so many advantages to recycling, refurbishing and converting shipping containers in this way. Firstly your company will instantly reduce their carbon footprint by acquiring a 1st Containers converted modular building, rather than having a building built from the ground up, at your site. A 1st Containers conversion is also a more cost effective way of adding extra workspace to an existing build or an altogether additional building. Your company will have no disruption to its working environment as all build modifications are conducted at the 1st Containers site. The modular buildings that are offered by 1st Containers also can be adapted to include all electrical and plumbing facilities that can be found in any permanent building, along with the added bonus of being mobile. The mobility of a 1st Containers conversion can be a great asset to a company with multiple sites, as the converted container can be easily picked up by our team and transported to another site with the minimum of fuss.

All modular buildings supplied by 1st Containers are adapted to the specific design of our clients, even down to the external painting. Whilst being a building that your staff can work in, they can act as a great advertising banner, being painted in the colours of your company logo. We have achieved this before with our conversions supplied to companies such as British Telecom.

Conversion uses
At 1st Containers we have supplied conversions to many large companies, including, The British Red Cross, Thames Water and the Police Force. Our team of engineers can customise shipping containers for virtually any use within any environment. From office buildings to onsite shower rooms and canteens. To medical centres, as we have in the past with The Red Cross, to school annexes. No matter how large or small your required additional space, our expert team can accommodate your specific needs. Shipping containers are as secure, if not even more so than a standard building. The framework and locking systems make them highly secure, and also fire resistant. 1st Containers do not just convert a steel box. We can adapt to any requirement necessary. Along with the internal specifications such as plumbing and electrics, the shipping containers can be modified with additional shuttered windows. These windows when not in use and shuttered are as secure as the rest of the building, leaving the client in no doubt that their workplace belongings are safe and secure at all times. You will see from our example photographs of what can be achieved within a shipping container conversion from 1st Containers. Fully wired for electrical uses. Fully plumbed for toiletries. All interior walls are lined and insulated, and in larger units, for multiple occupancy, properly partitioned offices can be added. Inside a 1st Containers modular building is the same as inside a brick built permanent structure.

The expert engineering does not stop at ground level either. The example shows stand alone containers as offices and classrooms. When shipping containers are shipped by sea, they are stacked and securely locked together. There is no more secure locking device, than that which is used for stacking containers. We use the exact same equipment for our clients that need and wish to have multi-storey additional working space. 1st Containers supply all additional equipment for the purpose of multi-storey modular buildings, including staircases that are suitable for the access to the higher levels.

Rentals / Sales
1st Containers always have a large range of shipping containers in stock. Our containers are of the highest quality, Grade A Marine containers, and are available for both rental purposes or for sale. Whether the purpose of your converted unit is for a long-term project, short-term or for permanent use, 1st Containers team of consultants will be able to guide you as to which option best suits your needs. No matter what style of conversion you need, we, at 1st Containers will have the container for the job in stock. This enables our in-house teams to be able to meet all contractual obligations, and have all works carried out at short notice.

The client gets the same excellent service with 1st Containers, whether they are renting or if they are buying. The conversion will be to the same high standard, the transportation and delivery of the required containers will be of the same timescale, and our rental and sales after care teams deal with all enquiries in the same professional and helpful manner.

The 1st Containers technical teams have the experience and equipment to transport and install all styles and specification of buildings. With heavy cranes mounted on our delivery vehicles we have the ability to deliver and install your newly converted container to the location of your choice. Our equipment also enables 1st Containers delivery teams to be able to stack containers for multi storey conversions.

1st Containers have the solutions to all of your mobile building problems. There are times when access is minimal onto a site. 1st Containers also supply traditional site hutting, which is the ideal solution to this problem, where accessibility is limited.

The 1st Containers in-house teams of technicians and engineers have first rate knowledge of all aspects of shipping container conversions. With this knowledge, we not only supply converted shipping containers for sale and rent, but we can also offer refurbishment of existing conversions that clients wish to salvage for further use. If for any reason you have a container that has fallen into disrepair, we will send a site inspection team to examine the container. Once the inspection has taken place, they will them liaise with the client as to the best plan of action. Whether it is for repair of a damaged unit, or for a refurbishment, the 1st Containers team will be able to find the solution in a cost effective and professional way.

All processes are carried out with the minimum of disruption to the client and their workforce. Our highly trained transportation team will collect the container for refurbishment and deliver it to our site team of engineers. No work will be carried out at the clients’ site, enabling them to carry on as usual. All details of specific requirements will be logged and carried out by our team, whether repair, refurbishment or additional items added, such as plumbing if not already present. The whole process is conducted under the umbrella of 1st Containers, with no outsourcing, enabling a fast and efficient service, with less possibility of crossed wires, meaning the client receives back the exact refurbished container that he ordered.

Although the container under refurbishment may not have originally been supplied by 1st Containers, our range of transportation equipment is adaptable to any size of project, with vehicles supplied with the heaviest and most up to date crane lifting facilities.

The transportation of shipping containers is a very specialist operation; this is why 1st Containers can offer off site refurbishment and repair of your current modular buildings. The vehicles and equipment used by 1st Containers are specifically modified for the loading / unloading and transportation of different sized shipping containers, including vehicle mounted cranes capable of stacking 40ft containers three high. With these transporters and equipment readily available for immediate container delivery throughout the UK, the service provided at 1st Containers is fast, efficient and cost effective regardless of where within the UK your location is.

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