The majority of shipping containers come in two standard lengths. 20ft and 40ft units are the most commonly used, but at 1st Containers we supply many different sizes. Starting with 10ft in length, all of our dry cargo containers will have the same features and height and width dimensions of a standard container, but the lengths can be modified to suit your requirements.

The 1st Containers team of expert engineers can modify units for almost any use, and if the entails requiring a non-standard sized container then we can supply this. Most shipping container suppliers will only stock the standard length units, but if you need 10ft, 12ft, 24ft of space for storage or transportation then 1st Containers will have the unit for you.

Steel shipping containers are built to such a high specification, that the uses are endless, and the standard size units are not always adequate for the required use.

Listed below are some of the different ways that storage containers can be used that may need a non-standard sized unit to achieve what the client needs.

  • Press Boxes (at events where space could be limited)
  • Fire and Military Training Facilities
  • Artist Studios
  • Mobile Medical Clinics
  • Recording Studios

If your requirements demand a non-standard sized container, then do not hesitate in contacting us, where our professional and friendly staff will only be too glad to give help and advice.