10ft Shipping Containers

1st Containers supply every style of shipping container with our 10ft new and used containers being the most flexible in their uses. With the size of our 10ft shipping containers not being too large for private use, they are used across all sectors. Constructed from galvanised steel, and being fully protected from the weather, vermin and vandalism, many are being utilised as alternatives for storage in gardens. Much more secure than the traditional garden shed, and more durable. With the added benefit that 1st Containers can have your 10ft shipping container delivered in any colour you wish, it isn’t going to be an eyesore for the neighbours.

The 1st Containers 10ft shipping containers are the perfect solution to keep goods dry and secure. With an internal storage area of 680 cubic feet the 10ft shipping containers have ample storage for both domestic and commercial use. The 10ft units are an excellent choice for multi-use across a site as well as being stackable to save floor space. With this size of shipping container, archive storage for multiple companies is a very popular choice and with a 1st Containers 10ft shipping container, you can always request additional extras. Items such as shelving and lighting can be added to the clients specification. With stock always available, 1st Containers offer a fast and efficient service and can usually deliver within 24 hours of ordering. If space is limited, the 10ft shipping container can give you the extra storage space you require without losing valuable floor space.