20ft & 40ft Flat Racks

1st Containers supply flat rack containers in both 20ft and 40ft lengths. These are a great container for both transportation and use within an event. The flat rack shipping container is exactly that. It has no side panels and only end walls. They can be supplied with fixed or collapsible end walls, dependent on the needs of the client.

The flat rack shipping container is the number one solution for the transportation of goods when a standard shipping container is not a feasible choice. With no side panels, loading onto a flat rack is a simpler process, and they are the ideal answer to the problem of goods that overhang the base of the container. A panel-less container allows this, whereas a standard container or high top would not allow for the flexibility to accommodate such cargo.

A 40ft flat rack container with a truck is the ideal transportation mode for cargo such as a mobile home or office. The length of the flat rack can easily contain the size of the temporary building, but whereas an enclosed shipping container could not accommodate the width of such an item, the flat racks open sides allows for the extra width and the overhang. The sturdy end walls of a 1st Container’s flat rack have sufficient stability for the containers to be stacked one on top of the other, and if ordering multiple flat racks, transport costs can be reduced as they can be stacked flat with the end walls being laid flat to accommodate many onto one transport truck. Although the flat racks have no side panels they are still constructed to the same high level as the standard shipping containers, and can withstand loads of 2,000 KG with the 20ft flat rack, and 4,000 KG in the case of the 40ft.

For use as a temporary structure and for the transportation of oversized cargo, a 1st Containers flat rack is the ultimate choice. Whilst we deliver and set up these containers for operation, our clients have no stress along the way, with our expert logistics team organising all the needs of the client.