20ft & 40ft High Cubes

A 1st Containers high cube shipping container will give the client that extra piece of height they may need for certain items, whether for storage or transportation purposes. A standard shipping container has a maximum height of 8’ 6”, which in most cases is adequate, but the high cubes give an extra foot in their height at 9’ 6”. Being a foot taller does not seem a lot, but if you were storing items that were taller than the standard capacity of a shipping container, but under 9’ 6”, the space saving is phenomenal. Items stacked at an angle would waste so much space, and with the 1st Containers high cube you are able to maximise your storage space in a secure, weatherproofed environment.

Made to the highest specification, and constructed from galvanised steel, all 1st Containers high cubes are rodent, vandal and weatherproofed so no matter what it is you are storing it will be safe and secure. A standard 20ft shipping container has an internal storage area of 1160 cubic feet, whereas a high cube has 1317 cubic feet. Likewise the 40ft versions come in at 2360 cubic feet and 2700 cubic feet. So as you can see, it may not seem a great deal being only a foot higher, but the extra space is quite substantial. Allay this with goods being stacked upright, rather than at an angle and you may find this to be the perfect storage solution for you.

Along with transportation and storage the high cube containers can also be very useful once converted by our onsite engineers. Converted into an open fronted gallery, the extra wall height can really enhance the artworks hanging, and in some cases the extra height may be necessary with larger works of art. The unit may be converted with storage shelving at the ceiling of the container. With the extra height the storage area would not encroach on the activities within the bulk of the containers internal area. All of these are things to consider when ordering a container, and our experienced logistics team will be able to help and guide you every step of the way.