20ft & 40ft Open Top Containers

At 1st Containers, along with the standard shipping containers we also supply many variants to aid our clients with their transportation and storage needs. An open top container supplied by 1st Containers can be advantageous in many ways and sometimes the only solution to solve your transport problem. Constructed from galvanised steel, the 20ft and 40ft open top shipping containers are delivered inclusive of tarpaulin covering to protect the goods within.

With goods that stand taller than the standard height of a shipping container an open top is the perfect solution for transportation. Without the restrictive limitations of height on the containers, many larger objects can be stacked and transported. These containers are also the best solution for goods that need to be craned into a container, as long as they are not overhanging items (for these see our Flat Rack page). Sometimes craning goods to be loaded is the only option available. Certain large items of machinery etc can only be loaded this way, and to give the clients cargo full protection in transit, 1st Containers offer the option of an open top shipping container service. We supply for sale or rent the two industry standard sizes with our open tops. 20ft and 40ft units that are readily available from our large onsite stock. Ordering an open top container from 1st Containers, you will not only be ordering a shipping container you will be ordering a service that is professional, experienced and efficient, and also respected throughout the shipping container industry.