10ft, 20ft & 40ft Reefers

Refrigerated containers or reefers as they are known in the industry are the number one choice for the storage and transportation of goods needing a temperature controlled environment. 1st Containers can supply, for sale or hire, long or short-term, three different size of reefer container. So no matter what size of cargo or for what storage use, we will have the size for your requirements.

Cargo such as fish, flowers, fruit and meats can all be safely transported, stored or shipped within a 1st Containers reefer unit. Each unit has an integral refrigeration system with thermostat temperature control providing the optimum conditions for these goods and any other needing regulated temperature and humidity. There is also no need to stress whilst your goods may be in transit via road as the refrigerating system is kept operational by diesel generators run by the lorry itself. If shipping abroad, the refrigerated shipping container will be connected to an onboard power supply during its voyage.

The 1st Containers reefers are not only used for the refrigeration of goods, it really is a case of temperature and humidity control. The temperature range on our units is +25C to -25C, enabling the client to keep items warm as well as cold if necessary. This can also make them a perfect solution for the storage or transportation of chemicals or lab samples, of which many need to be kept warm.

All 1st Containers reefer units are built to the highest specification from galvanised steel, with top of the range integral refrigeration systems. Standard features include fully lockable butchers doors with internal emergency door release for added safety and security. Tamper free controls, interior lighting system, emergency lighting and low power consumption to make them as environmentally friendly as possible.

Not only are these the ultimate in temperature controlled storage and transport, but are fast becoming the container of choice for indoor and outdoor events. Whether used as a straight forward refrigerator or converted with shelving and internal compartments, more and more clients are hiring all sizes of reefer for weekend festivals and events. The perfect cold store for drinks companies, and for keeping foodstuff fresh over the period of a festival weekend. Whether a small or large company, multiple purchase or singular the 1st Containers reefer units are being deployed all over the country throughout all four seasons. At the larger festival style events, you may have food or drink outlets in multiple locations across the site. Multiple hire purchase of the 10ft reefer, to have food and drinks ready at the right location could be the answer. You may have one big outlet, where a 40ft reefer could store all that you need for the weekend.

The amount of scenarios are endless, but whatever your need, an enquiry to the 1st Containers logistics team will leave you in no doubt as to what you require, as they will help and guide you every step of the way.