Shipping Containers

1st Containers are the premier supplier of shipping containers within the UK, able to supply on demand across the UK for any purpose a variety of different sized shipping containers. As the number one choice of container supplier to the Ministry of Defence, 1st Containers always have a healthy supply of shipping containers available for purchase or hire from our depots. 1st Containers offer the widest range of sizes in shipping container to our clients, with prompt delivery and a friendly professional service.

Our shipping containers range from 6ft to 45ft and are always readily available at short notice. All shipping containers supplied by 1st Containers are constructed from weatherproofed steel, and are also vandal and rodent proofed giving maximum protection to any goods transported or stored within.

With such an array of different sized shipping containers always available with immediate effect, we have listed some of the more common uses for the appropriate sized units. Our team of in-house experienced technical engineers also do container conversions on a daily basis, and amongst the list below you will see some of the usage purposes that this area has to offer.

A 1st Containers 6ft shipping container has an internal storage space of 235 cubic feet and is the ideal purchase for the transportation of smaller cargo consignments. Our 6ft containers are also the perfect solution for the more personal use of storage, and are a great alternative to the traditional garden storage solutions. All of our containers can be specifically painted to the clients request to incorporate the colours of a company logo or just to blend with their surroundings. There is no better storage solution to protect your belongs from the natural elements than a shipping container and the 6ft size makes an ideal weatherproofed store for garden tools and machinery. This size of shipping container is also ideal for conversion into a kiosk sized unit. Completely safe and secure when locked up, a simple conversion with a shutter opening could easily be used as a ticket outlet or mobile phone accessory outlet.

Slightly larger in size and appearance than the 6ft unit, the 1st Containers 8ft shipping container actually has over 100 cubic feet more of storage space (347 Cubic feet). Ideal again for similar purposes as outlined above, with just that extra bit of space if required. These are also a very useful size for conversions, as they make for great individually converted toilets and changing facilities. Their size also makes them useful as an extra storage space at your place of business, especially file storage. So many companies pay excessive amounts of their budget to have important files stored at specialist offsite locations. With minimal space required for an 8ft shipping container, and with the knowledge that all contents are safe inside, your company can have those important files to hand whenever they are required.

Moving up in size to the 10ft shipping container, our supply tends to be more for business than personal use. The 1st Containers 10ft shipping container has an internal storage space of 560 cubic feet and is ideal for the transportation of any medium sized cargo. Items are easily packed and stacked to get maximum usage from the space available, and again these are ideal for the smaller conversion purposes. This size of container is very popular within the construction industry, with many clients approaching us for conversion into site offices and site entrance guardhouse. Perfect for the one man construction site foreman’s office, these are also regularly used for the storage of dry foods and grain. Inner-city construction sites often benefit from using the 10ft shipping container as access to many sites with larger units can be problematic. It is a much more feasible option to have multiple smaller containers dotted around a site than one large one, especially when certain materials need to be kept apart whilst in storage. On major builds we have supplied the 10ft shipping containers in multiple amounts to be used for storing the electrician’s materials, the plumbers and the decorators painting materials.

A 1st Containers 20ft shipping container has an internal storage space of 1160 cubic feet. This size of container is the most secure and safe way to transport your larger goods, such as small machinery and anything up to a medium sized motor vehicle. They are one of the standard sizes used throughout the shipping industry and as well as a mode of transportation, when you consider the security and the weather resistance of a shipping container they are also fast becoming the number one choice for storage of similar goods as above. The 20ft shipping container from 1st Containers is a good sized used for additional working space for your business. Whether ordered as a temporary measure or as a permanent fixture, if your company has expansion in mind, these can become your additional office, fully converted by 1st Containers and also without the hassle of planning permission that an annexe style addition may require. From a conversion perspective, the uses are limitless. As a self-employed individual, you may need a workshop of this size, with the knowledge of having everything locked inside safe whilst you are off-site on business. They are the perfect size converted into a sales office for new development properties, as a medium sized toilet block, canteens and washrooms. The 1st Containers 20ft units are very adaptable and highly secure.

Finally the largest of the shipping containers supplied by 1st Containers. For storage purposes the space inside is 2360 cubic feet and 2640 cubic feet respectively. Ideal for transporting machinery and motor vehicles, if 40ft isn’t quite big enough in length, our 45ft container gives that extra little room. When you have large consignments for transportation within the UK or for shipping abroad, there is no safer means for the storage on the journey than one of our shipping containers. Along with the storage of machinery, they are also ideal for the storage of dried foods such as grain, and anything else without a temperature requirement. Being the largest of our shipping containers we find that the clients hiring or buying this size usually have them converted for long-term usage purposes. Such as on-site toilet blocks, additional large offices, business workshops and sales offices. We have had major construction companies hire the 40ft and 45ft shipping containers, and have had them converted into sleeping accommodation for workers needing to be on their site late into the night and ready to continue in the early hours of the following day. 1st Containers have also seen an increase in the hire of this size of container for events and other temporary activities. These units can be modified virtually in anyway a client requires and one such way was for a walk-in gallery with the doors opening on the length side rather than at the ends giving a fully open three walled gallery. The modified doors folded back and to the side so as not to use anymore space than the original size of the container would.

All of the 1st Containers standard shipping containers can also be securely stacked, so even if you are thinking of hiring these units, you may not need the ground space for two or more as you can have them as multi-storey.