Storage Solutions

1st Containers offers the widest range of container types and specifications available for static storage and portable accommodation in the UK.

For general dry storage v stock a wide variety of new and used shipping containers to meet all budgets and requirements. Our general storage containers range from as small as 6ft up to 45ft, enabling our clients to choose the size that best suits their needs without having to pay for dead space. All of these units are easily maintained, as well as being weatherproofed and watertight.

If the needs of our clients are more specific and their articles need to be stored within a certain environment, the 1st Containers temperature controlled storage containers also come in a variety of sizes. These units range from 10ft up to 40ft, and with controls to adjust temperatures from -25C to +25C they are the ideal answer for storage and transporting goods such as perishables, lab chemicals and any number of temperature dependant items. Along with temperature controls the 1st Containers refrigerated containers also come equipped with humidity controls, so any items stored within can be maintained at the perfect atmosphere regardless of conditions on the outside.

Along with these large refrigerated containers, for the more mobile business, we also supply chiller units that can be trailered to and from events. These can be hooked up to a vehicle just like a normal trailer and transported at the clients leisure from place to place whenever the need arises.

If your temperature sensitive goods also need added security, 1st Containers also offer extra security with the unique Sitevault container. These come equipped with an advanced alarm system with multiple trigger points for extra security.

Within the 1st Containers range of shipping containers are our portable accommodation and converted containers. Our team of expert technicians can modify any size of standard shipping container into whatever use the client needs. This could be anything from an extra office space to hotel style living spaces. All of these containers can be stacked to enable multi-storey facilities, whilst the technical team can insert windows, doors, plumbing, heating and lighting.