1st Containers have a very large portfolio of clients from the aviation industry. This portfolio covers every aspect of aviation, not just the supply of shipping containers to major airports, but throughout the chain that enables operation of the aeroplanes using these airports.

Many of the 1st Containers aviation clients are suppliers to major airlines, producing parts and interiors amongst many other items. AIM AVIATION have acquired 1st Containers units for both storage and transportation purposes. The majority of their purchases have been for our larger 40ft secure storage containers as these are the perfect solution for their products. Aim Aviation are a leading global supplier of aeroplane interiors. Supplying the highest standard of interiors to all the major airlines and OEM’s. their interiors will be found on Boeing and Airbus planes amongst others, whilst they have fully fitted out Virgin and Qatar airlines to name but two. Prior to their use, these interiors are generally stored in 1st Containers shipping containers, which are totally secure from vermin and vandalism as well as the elements of the weather. 1st Containers have also been contracted to supply the transportation for these items, as with our specialised trucks we are able to collect and deliver the shipping container with the minimum of disruption in a fast and efficient manner.

Many of our aviation clients needs are for storage purposes, with most using the full range of shipping containers from small 6ft units up to our 45ft units. The 1st Containers high top shipping containers are also well utilised within this industry, as the extra height available with these can aid storage and transportation of many of the slightly taller items associated within the aviation industry.

The aviation industry is one of many areas where our specialist containers are used, and one such company is AEROPIA. Aeropia are suppliers of chemicals to the aviation industry, servicing major airlines and the military. At 1st Containers our teams of highly trained and professional technicians have the capabilities to modify any kind of container, and applying these skills is something that we are experts in when it comes to chemical storage and transportation. Aeropia supply a wide range of different materials, many which need specialist storage. Items such as adhesives, sealants, tapes, lubes, oils, greases, paints, coatings, lab chemicals, industrial gases, coolants, metalworking fluids, cleaning solvents, deicers, semiconductor chemicals, water treatments, antifreeze, metal products, raw materials, composite consumables and more.

These kinds of items need a specific type of container, compliant with law for health and safety purposes. All of the 1st Containers units used for these purposes are fully regulated for the containment of dangerous and hazardous goods. All of our operational containers are fire resistant, appropriately ventilated and leak retainable. Along with the standard security of being vermin and vandal resistant, the 1st Containers chemical goods units are also frost-free. These containers once modified for the purposes of health and safety can also be modified within to suit the requirements of the client. Items such as segregation compartments can be installed to prevent cross contamination of items within. They also come fully alarmed and fitted with an internal emergency door release.

1st Containers supply shipping containers across the UK to the aviation industry for storage of parts and chemicals. We also supply to the major UK airports for their storage facilities, but we are also contracted on a large scale within this industry for transportation purposes overseas. Shipping containers were originally built for this purpose and for the safe delivery of important and valuable goods via sea and air, shipping containers are the most cost effective and secure means of passage. A big factor for our aviation clients is our association and relationships we have already established with all of the major cargo companies. By keeping the whole process under one umbrella, 1st Containers have the ability to complete a job from start to finish in the fastest and efficient way. All logistical elements are dealt with by 1st Containers, and in many cases, the aviation parts that we are transporting are already being stored in our shipping containers.

One other element of containment is also part of our supply chain. Although not directly associated with aviation, 1st Containers supply refrigerated shipping containers in both 20ft and 40ft sizes to some catering companies that specifically supply aircraft with their food for flights. These aircraft caterers are also supplied with our mobile chiller containers, giving them ease of transporting the refrigerated articles to and from the airports.

Our relationship across the whole of the aviation industry is growing year on year as 1st Containers can supply the exact container that is required usually within 24 hours