One of the largest areas for clientele at 1st Containers is within the construction industry. This is due to the fact that shipping containers, whether for storage or conversion are perfectly built for the environment of a construction site.

With their construction from galvanised steel, the 1st Containers units can withstand all of the external elements associated with being placed within a building site for weeks at a time, and are also built to withstand the penetration of any possible mishaps that may occur at these sites. We deal with a wide range of differing sized construction companies, some on a small scale where they may just be developing a single dwelling, and other very large companies building office blocks and housing estates. All of these companies find the use of shipping containers second to none and are constantly re-ordering and renewing contracts through 1st Containers.

20ft and 40ft dry storage containers are perfect for the storage of building materials whilst on site, as along with keeping the materials within in pristine condition, these shipping containers are also equipped with the highest of security to avoid vandalism and theft. We also supply many of the larger shipping containers for the safe overnight storage of building equipment and tools, along with our specialist hazardous goods containers for the storage of chemicals and fuels that are needed on construction sites. These specially constructed hazardous goods containers come in all sizes and are fitted with bunded floors to alleviate problems with spillages of what could be potentially dangerous liquids. These units are also fitted with advanced alarm systems and internal door releases in case of emergency. 1st Containers also transport a lot of materials for the construction companies, as we have the shipping containers perfect for this process also. With high tops and open top containers, any odd shaped or over sized materials or equipment can be easily transported to the site with the minimum of disruption. The construction companies are also seeing this as a big advantage. One, so that they can keep costs to a minimum, as one company deals with all aspects of delivering the materials and storing them, and also by using 1st Containers transportation, it relieves the construction company of the logistical headache of implementing these extra factors whilst trying to develop a site.

At 1st Containers, we have an in-house engineering team that are capable of developing any standard shipping container into any use imaginable. This team of experts are constantly working with construction companies with orders for specific conversions. Because of the construction of our shipping containers, construction companies are opting for converted shipping containers as site offices, rather than prefabricated buildings. These conversions come with windows, doors and all electrical facilities to run a smooth site office. The converted shipping containers also have higher security levels than the standard prefabricated buildings that are sometimes used. The doors have the latest of secure padlocks fitted, and having windows does not mean less security. Each window that is placed into a 1st Containers conversion has the option to have galvanised steel shutters as an extra security measure.

The site office is one of the most popular shipping containers we supply to construction companies, but due to the nature of the work, we also supply a high volume of our specially constructed toilet blocks. These come in all sizes, from one cubicle, up to a block of six cubicles. The order depends on the size of the site, but again for safety at work and security, these are a much better option than the standard mobile plastic cubicles used within other sectors. All of these units are fully plumbed with running water for wash facilities and hot water boilers. Some of the larger construction companies also have ordered our converted shipping containers for temporary accommodation purposes. Many developments can take weeks of construction, with workers being unable to travel to and from home. On these occasions the most economical solution is for the workers to stay on site, or close by, and that is where 1st Containers have been able to find the solution. We have converted many shipping containers into accommodation, fully partitioned with sleeping areas, shower facilities and meal time areas. These are perfect for long term construction projects and save on time spent travelling to and from a site and have an effect on workers that keeps the camaraderie between them higher.