The farming industry and the shipping container industry have gradually formed partnerships that now are extremely important to both. With recession hit times affecting all areas, the farming industry has had to find alternatives to the traditional methods of storage via their own built outbuildings. It was sometime ago that 1st Containers were initially approached by the farming community to find a solution to a storage issue and since then our relationships across the whole of the country with farms of all different size and crop has just grown and grown.

The farming industry is one of the areas where 1st containers supply our largest array of different containers. Our dry storage containers are ordered on a regular basis for sale and hire in all sizes. Arable land farms with dry crops are using 1st Containers dry storage as a viable alternative to the cost of building special storage facilities on their land. We supply dry storage containers from 10ft up to 40ft, and we are finding with our close relationship with these farmers, that our containers are perfect for the storage of food stuffs such as oats, wheat corn and grain. Being fully insulated from the elements, the 1st containers dry storage units are proving a better solution all round for these farmers, along with making the process more cost effective at the same time, both long-term and short.

The range of 1st Containers available units are ideal for the differing uses needed within the farming industry. Along with our superb dry storage containers, the 1st Containers refrigerated and chiller units are also extremely well utilised amongst our clients.

One huge success story that we have a close relationship with due to our supply of containers is, BOYTON FARM in Wiltshire. Set in the most beautiful of locations Boyton Farm has the most wonderful selection of farm meats available for sale from their farm shop. With an on farm butchery, all of Boyton’s meats are fresh from the farm. They are chilled, hung and rested to achieve the perfect flavour and tenderness from such a dedicated family run company. This is a success story that 1st Containers are very proud to be part of, supplying our 20ft and 40ft refrigerated containers and chillers for this purpose. These refrigerated containers supplied by 1st Containers are the ideal solution for such storage as carcasses, with temperature ranges from -25c to +25c they are fully adjustable to suit the needs required. The controls are simple to operate and every unit is completely lockable and weatherproofed, being constructed from galvanised steel. The same can also be said for the much used chiller units, which are also distributed in smaller sizes that are easily transportable for use at farmers markets. The chiller units in both 10ft and 20ft sizes have also been well utilised in the southern county of Kent, at CHILTON MANOR FARM. This farm is predominantly a grower of fruits, and these fruits range from apples to strawberries, covering the likes of gooseberries, loganberries and pumpkins. The family run Chilton Manor Farm facilitate a pick your own scheme, but also have an onsite farm shop selling their produce. With the relatively short lifespan of freshly picked fruit, the 1st Containers chiller units are perfect within this environment. All of the 1st Containers refrigerated and chiller containers are not just temperature controlled, they also have humidity control to offer the perfect internal atmospheric conditions for the food stuffs contained within.

Although the major distribution of 1st Containers containers to farms is for the storage and preservation of food stuffs, whether that is dry storage or refrigerated, we are seeing a growing increase in the supply of our general, fully lockable storage containers. These are being used as an alternative to outbuildings for the storage of farm machinery. An advantage to using a shipping container for this purpose is the adaptability of a container in comparison to a fully built building which can be extended at cost, but is not as adaptable as a shipping container in anyway. The 1st containers range of storage units vary in so many ways that we always have availability regardless of your needs. We have supplied storage containers for every type of farming machinery possible, and this is largely due to the range of different sized and constructed containers we have at our disposal. Many farmers are now securely locking away all of their equipment over night, and this includes items such as tractors and combined harvesters. We have standard end opening shipping containers that are large enough for a tractor to be driven straight into. With the secure construction of our galvanised steel shipping containers, these are becoming the major choice of the farmers for such purpose. Along with the standard construction, we also supply the side opening shipping containers in all sizes. These are capable of housing a large combined harvester, that can also be driven straight into the container, as the whole length of the supplied container opens up for easy access. Along with mowers and rakes, all of industrial size, theses uses for the 1st Containers units are most cost-effective and also very hassle free in regards of delivery and placement. They can also be moved around a site if this is a requirement at a later date by the farmers, and enables them to plan in a more fluid manner. Something that would not be available to them were they housing these items in permanent buildings.

Two other areas that we have also been able to assist our clients is with temporary accommodation and livestock transportation. For both of these projects our teams of technicians and engineers have been able to modify existing shipping containers to accommodate the needs of our clients. When extra staff have been required on the farm sites we have been able to transform our shipping containers to meet with the need of accommodation for these staff. Building fully operational overnight bedrooms and washrooms with electricity, heating and running water. For the transportation of livestock we have been able to modify existing shipping containers into livestock transporters that meet all regulations and have been a more cost effective alternative to the traditional transporters normally used by the farming industry.

Farming is a long established industry, and in many cases has been a family run affair with little help from outside of the family network. With changing times, 1st Containers are happy to say that with their supplies of shipping containers throughout the industry, we have cemented a strong relationship and look forward to it continuing.