At 1st Containers, a sector where we service many clients with shipping containers for multiple use is the security business. This covers both guards and security systems, where our shipping containers have been used for storage and modified for accommodation.

Companies such as ACE SECURITY have hired shipping containers from 1st Containers for multiple aspects of their work throughout the security industry. As a leading supplier and installer of security systems ranging from intruder alarms to CCTV and fully operational building security systems Ace Security have hired from 1st Containers for the purposes of storage and onsite facilities for when major work has been carried out. Using the 1st Containers 20ft and 40ft secure dry storage units has enabled companies such as Ace Security to feel safe in the knowledge that very expensive and important equipment could not be stored in a more safe environment. Safe from both the adverse weather elements that these shores often encounter, as well as being safe from theft, vandalism and rodent attack. Ace Security have applied their systems across many large companies and institutes, including local government offices, schools, colleges and hospitals. With many of these much larger projects taking a certain amount of time, facilities are needed on site for the staff. Converted shipping containers for toilet blocks, canteens and general rest areas for site workers have all been hired for these purposes via 1st Containers as our team of technical staff are extremely experienced within this area of shipping container production. The in-house technical team have been able to convert 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers for the purposes of such security companies, and have them fully operational with plumbing, lighting and any other specific requirements that the client requests.

The 1st Containers relationship with security companies, does not just amount to storage and temporary container use, as we are constantly dealing with security guard companies where their need is totally different. Security Guard companies are regularly buying for permanent use, and one of the most popular purchases are the high top shipping containers. These 10ft containers, with extra height than the standard shipping container are the perfect solution for guard boxes. Unlike a mobile home style box, the 1st Containers 10ft high top container is so much more superior with its construction. Constructed from galvanised steel, these units can withstand the elements and have a longer guaranteed life than their competitors. They are also more secure for the purposes of theft and vandalism. Our technical team are able to convert the standard high top into the perfect security guard post. They can include doors, windows, and all electrical needs. For extra security, the window area can also be enhanced with the addition of a shutter made from the removed piece of steel, giving total security at all times. Apart from the association we have with converting our shipping containers into security guard boxes, 1st Containers also supply for security guard companies on a larger scale. For larger sites, we supply the fully operational security office, where multiple security occupants reside to monitor CCTV and break between patrols. These much larger units tend to range from the 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, and once converted, are fully operational for purpose. These are mainly fitted out with all of the necessary electrical facilities, but on many occasions, plumbing is also required. Many of the security companies are 24 hours and toilet and meal facilities are often required. Our technical team will, if the need arises, be able to extended our largest shipping container for extra space. This would then be partitioned allowing separate areas within for work, meals and rest. These types of building are a necessity within the security guard industry, and one that 1st Containers are very experienced in. The choice of 1st Containers to supply these facilities within this industry has always been high, and it is becoming more and more popular. Apart from the excellent service that we provide, this is also due to the fact that a converted shipping container is much more economical than having a new building built.