Although here at 1st Containers we diversify with our uses of shipping containers, the mainstay of our industry will always be to supply containers for shipping purposes.

Our core values mean that we will always be regarded in the shipping industry as a leading supplier of shipping containers to the shipping industry, along with supplying to third parties for the purpose of shipping cargo across seas. With an extensive database of contacts and clients, we can deliver shipping containers anywhere across the globe. Whether this is to a shipping company abroad or for use in another country. Many of our clients are shipping and freight companies who will contact us knowing that we always have ample stock of shipping containers for supply. 1st Containers are a UK leader in supplying bulk orders, and it is shipping companies that often need this service. Many of these companies have the means of transporting their cargo, but need containers to ship. 1st Containers are often the first port of call for these large companies as we have the ability ahead of our competitors to deliver multiple shipping containers in a very short period of time. We can deliver to any port across the UK, usually within twenty four hours, and this ideal for shipping companies.

It is within the shipping industry where 1st Containers see there largest array of different containers being used for transportation. Shipping containers large enough to safely transport a vehicle across seas, or high topped and open topped containers for odd shaped machinery that would not fit into a standard container. These are all regularly ordered from us by shipping companies for both storage prior to export and for the purpose of transportation. The 1st Containers refrigerated containers are also widely used, again for both storage and transportation of perishable items. With a temperature range of -25C to +25C, these superbly secure refrigerated units can be used for almost any item that needs to be transported within a temperature controlled environment.

1st Containers supply to all of the major UK freight companies as well as shipping parts arm of the industry. There are many maritime repair works companies within the industry, and often the best form of storage and transportation is within the galvanised steel, weatherproofed shipping containers supplied by 1st Containers. Many of the spare parts for ships can be of odd shapes, this is where 1st Containers solutions step into the breach as we can supply containers for any item.

We take large bulk orders from shipping companies as they know they are dealing with a reputable company, that values its reputation across the shipping industry and all industries that it is involved in. With these bulk orders, the shipping companies are receiving a service that includes the highest grade of shipping container and a first rate service on delivery and customer relations. All of our dry storage shipping containers are built in such a way that they can be stacked for transportation purposes via the sea giving the shipping companies more options for cargo delivery across global ports.