1st Containers, a leader in the supply of shipping containers also specialise in the movement of goods within the UK and abroad. Our consolidation services are the perfect solution for those clients who’s needs are not for bulk transportation, but still need the most secure and professional of services that 1st Containers deliver every time.

1st Containers consolidation services work on a simple basis, that are run in the same accordance as our large shipment projects, but are shown to be financially viable for clients with smaller shipments. Not everybody needs a 20ft shipping container to transport their goods, but we all want the security of having our goods transported in one. 1st Containers have the solution; this is called the 1st Containers Consolidation service.

Within the company we employ the most professional teams to be assigned to the area they are best equipped, with the best knowledge of a clients requirements. Whether you are transporting goods around the UK or abroad, we offer regular consolidation services to all destinations, giving the client maximum satisfaction and knowledge that their goods will arrive safely. Why take the risk of sending a small shipment that could be open to the elements and pay excessive costs as an individual? The 1st Containers consolidation service will enable you to have your shipment encased in the fully weatherproofed shipping containers that we supply for transportation, along with other shipments for the same destinations. This way you are safe in the knowledge that your goods could not be more secure, regardless of where in the world they may be destined for, and with the consolidation service, the client will also find that it can be the most economical solution for transportation.

Our dedicated team of logistics professionals will liaise with you and arrange all aspects of the service, giving you piece of mind and a stress free solution.