Delivery & Collection

1st Containers are equipped to deliver and collect shipping containers across the whole of the UK. Being the chosen supplier for the MOD gives us the advantage of always having a large stock of all sized containers, ready to deliver. The stockpiling system that we incorporate into our operation enables 1st Containers to deliver to virtually anywhere within the UK at short notice.

Our deliver and collection service standards are impeccable, and to allow for us to efficiently deliver or collect a container from you, just follow the simple guidelines listed below. Most do’s and don’ts are straightforward commonsense, but there are also some that are of the technical variety. Please read through and for any queries do not hesitate to contact our expert team.

  • Do inform us when ordering of any access restrictions. We can access most sites with different techniques, but at the same time would need to know of narrow thoroughfares or obstructions such as walls, buildings or low overhanging cables
  • Do inform us if the placement location is an uneven surface. We can supply tools for this purpose which our team of technicians would need at time of delivery.
  • Do inform us of the total space where the container is to be positioned. From a technical point of view this is very important. For the security and stability of our delivery trucks, they use supporting legs whilst unloading the containers. These extend so space is required around the delivery area for this operation to be successful. Another requirement regards the delivery area is access space. Space will be required over and above the size of the shipping container for door opening purposes. A 20ft container will require 30ft of length space for the doors to be accessible, and likewise a 40ft container would need 50ft.
  • Do also allow extra space when ordering a temperature controlled container. To avoid blocking airflow from the machinery that operates the temperature control, you should again allow an extra 10ft of space.
  • Do check, with the aid of our technician, that everything is in order once delivery is complete. You must be satisfied that the container is in the correct position and that all operations, such as doors are working properly.
  • Do Not select a placement area where the container will block any drains or manhole covers.
  • Do Not underestimate the size of access required for our delivery lorries. A 20ft shipping container from 1st Containers is usually delivered on a 34ft long and 9ft wide vehicle.