Overseas Relocation

With many years of relocating both domestically and for businesses, there couldn’t be a simpler are more cost effective way than to be relocated by 1st Containers. In a highly competitive marketplace, 1st Containers can show you the many advantages of overseas relocation with our different packages, and how they can save you both stress and money in comparison to the traditional methods.

Hiring a removal company to relocate your belongings is often the option that most people would always select. This is usually as they are not aware of the superb services that 1st Containers can offer in this sphere.

If we first take the example of the traditional removal company you will see the benefits of hiring 1st Containers for your relocation. As a client you arrange for the removal company to drive their lorry to your home or workplace. All of your belongings have been packed safely over the past days or weeks, and now they are ready to load onto the removal lorry. Many removal companies will quote a price that can be based on an hourly rate per removal man present at the site. This can escalate into an expensive option with or without delays. As the client paying the bill, your stress levels will start to rise as you attempt to have the lorry loaded as quickly as possible to keep this initial cost to a minimum. Unlike moving house within the UK, it is highly unlikely that the whole removal process will be achieved within one day, so once the removal lorry has been loaded, the removal company will then take your belongs to be warehoused until the time for them to be shipped. So far you have paid for the removal time and now you are paying again for warehousing of your goods. Eventually your lorry load of belongings will be driven to port for shipping and shipped to its destination port on the specified date. Another aspect of this service that can become more expensive than using 1st Containers is the customs clearance. As is often the case with removal companies, they will organise customs clearance at the destination port, which will incur currency exchange costs along with administration costs for the removal company.

Taking all of these points into consideration, ourselves and our clients feel the 1st Containers approach is much more efficient and is proven to be more economical. As the client, you order a 1st Containers shipping container that will be large enough for your household or business belongings. Our standard sizes are 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, which have 1160 cubic feet and 2360 cubic feet of internal storage space respectively. The 1st Containers delivery team will come to your site where you have options as to how you want to proceed. If you are ready and fully packed you place your items straight into the provided shipping container whilst our driver waits to remove it for port storage. This is a very useful option if your planned shipping is fairly close, but the option most prevalent with the hire of a shipping container for this purpose is the drop and return option. This takes the stress out of packing and loading, as the 1st Containers driver will offload the shipping container at your property, giving you as much time as needed for you to pack and load for shipping. By using one of the 1st Containers options outlined above, you are saving instantly by loading the container yourselves and not paying an hourly rate for manpower. You are also taking the stress out of rushing your packing as you are not under a schedule that time is money. When you first order your shipping container from 1st Containers, our logistics team take all of the details relating to your relocation, and we deal with all of the logistics involved, which again, reduces any stresses and is also more economical than using the traditional removal companies. Our logistics team will manage the UK customs clearance, which is a very straightforward process and you have two options at your destination port. With our very successful relationships across the globe in the shipping industry, we are able to recommend local agents to deal with customs clearance or as it is a very straightforward process for personal belongings you can do this yourself. Using one of our local agents is a very good option and one that will not escalate your relocation budget like a traditional removal company might, as we can offer very good rates in this area.

If you are looking to relocate overseas, and want the perfect solution to fit your budget, without the usual stress of moving, contact us for a quote that will enable you to have every aspect of the move built into one specific price.