Portable Toilets

For both temporary and more permanent occasions the 1st Containers portable toilets can be the most cost effective answer to the problem of onsite and event toilet facilities. The 1st Containers toilet blocks come in many different sizes, and are perfect for both hiring for one off events and also purchasing for multiple use.

All of our portable toilets are made from converted shipping containers. Our team of expert engineers are able to convert to the specific needs of the client, whether it is for a single cubicle or up to a block of six. These facilities can also be incorporated to include washroom facilities, so you can have a larger 40ft container converted by us to house a block of six cubicles with wash and shower facilities included. 1st Containers will fit out the conversions to any specific requirement needed by the client. The multiple blocks can be fitted for both men and women, with cubicles and urinals along with specially converted shipping containers for use as disabled toilets. The 1st Containers disabled toilet units come fully fitted for wheelchair access, with wider door openings and ramps, along with internal alarms for the customer’s piece of mind and use. For those clients wishing to use the portable toilets across differing sites, this can be achieved with the singular WC unit. Easily the most mobile of all of our toilet facilities, these can be moved across sites with the minimum of fuss. For those wishing to hire or purchase units for larger events or sites, 1st Containers can supply any number of combinations to suit your needs. Ranging from a single cubicle up to six combining urinals and cubicles in whatever ratio you require.

All of the 1st Containers portable toilets meet health, safety and welfare regulations, and we are governed by the law that states the minimum requirement of toilet facilities in comparison to the number of employees at the specific workplace. All of our toilet blocks come fully insulated with PU foam for the retention of heat within the unit, and all are fully operational on delivery. That is fully plumbed for purpose and with full running water to accommodate wash basins.

We have been providing events companies, large offsite construction companies and many other businesses for many years with our portable toilets, and for an economical and fully functional service, 1st Containers have the solution.